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Matt and Erin

Matt and Erin

We had a wonderful Independence Day. Larry and Marie, Matt, Erin and Ellie, and Stephen, Jonelle and Carter came. Larry cooked sausages on our outside barbeque (first time we used it) and Marie cooked pancakes and eggs. We also had watermelon. Larry brought a tomato plant and placed it in the hanging (upside down) tomato plant container that son Steve gave me for Fathers’ Day.

We had a nice visit.


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Some More Plans

Frances went to the dentist today. Susan took us. Dentist is Kimberlee M. Murphy. She is very good. Her office is in Crystal, about 25 minutes away. One filling was done. Four teeth were extracted and one lower partial denture was installed. All went well.

For Father’s Day Frances got some books for me:

Planning Your Family Tree Online: How to Create Your Own Family Website by Cyndi Howells. Cyndi has had her website for ten years now. I have met her, having attended one of her workshops Her site is http://www.cyndislist.com/ She has over 264,000 links to genealogy sites.

How to Do Everything with Google by Fritz Schneider

The Official Guide to Ancestry.com by George G. Morgan

The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy: A complete resource to using the Web to trace your family history by Kimberly Powell.

There are other books but I will mention them later.

This is another project: to read them. I have already read Ancestry.com and am in Google.

Another project–a big one –is my web site. Geocities is owned by Yahoo. Yahoo will be closing down all sites in July so I will have to move mine. I plan to go through it soon and make corrections/revisions before I have to move it.

I have decided to enter any Autumn Leaves articles I come up with in this blog and then add them to my A.L. booklet.

Andre, Jennifer and family are moving to Kentucky. Andre has a new job there. We will really miss them. Yesterday we had the girls, Sophia, Nadia and Ava over for the afternoon. We really enjoyed them. They all will be leaving Saturday

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